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Lion Cubs (Ages 4-6)

Build your child’s confidence and self-awareness with our Lion Cub program. Classes for this age group (three-and-a-half to six years old) focus on improving large motor skills, self awareness, personal space, making eye contact, “no touching,” and “first time listening” both inside and outside of the school. Instruction is available in English, Spanish, and […]

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Children (Ages 7-13)

Martial arts classes are great for getting a workout while learning vital self-defense techniques. At Lion’s Den Karate in Saint Augustine, Florida, our focus is on martial arts for kids, which helps with the overall well being of your child. Instruction is available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. We operate on an […]

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Adults (Ages 14+)

At Lion’s Den Karate we implement Tang Soo Do as our chosen method of martial arts training to improve a person’s strength through various areas of self-discipline and self-confidence. In fact, these are two of the tenets of our school. The focus of the adult classes is to help our students develop the skills […]

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MAAP (K 1-8)

MAAP is our Martial Arts Apprenticeship Program. In the old days, martial arts was a highly regarded part of the education of individuals for self growth and improvement. Through MAAP we provide this old school mentality. While we are not a private school, we pick up children directly after school and bring them to […]

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Women’s Self Defense

This class is absolutely Free for any woman who would like to take charge, feel empowered and confident. Classes are small and are by appointment only. 2 women minimum, 10 maximum per class. This class is 3 hours long and covers awareness with observation as well as get away techniques. Targeted for women 18 […]

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