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Children (Ages 7-13)

Martial arts classes are great for getting a workout while learning vital self-defense techniques. At Lion’s Den Karate in Saint Augustine, Florida, our focus is on martial arts for kids, which helps with the overall well being of your child.

Child practicing Martial Arts in Lion's Den Karate

Instruction is available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. We operate on an open schedule, which allows students and parents to enjoy flexibility in attendance. Come twice a week, four times a week, or whatever schedule meets your objective.

Our children’s classes are tailored to students aged seven to thirteen. Instruction at this level is concentrated on the Korean Style Tang Soo Do. Clearly defined curriculum objectives for each level allow for individualized belt progression. Children will learn self defense techniques while responding to an ever increasing set of physical and emotional expectations. Progression rate is based on an individual’s goals, pace and achievements. Our aim is to teach the skills of knowledge, focus, respect, honor, self discipline and self confidence.

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