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Martial arts classes are great for getting a workout while learning vital self-defense techniques. At Lion’s Den Karate in Saint Augustine, Florida, our focus is on martial arts for kids, which helps with the overall well being of your child.

Instruction is available in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. We operate on an open schedule, which allows students and parents to enjoy flexibility in attendance. Come twice a week, four times a week, or whatever schedule meets your objective.

Our children’s classes are tailored to students aged seven to thirteen. Instruction at this level is concentrated on the Korean Style Tang Soo Do. Clearly defined curriculum objectives for each level allow for individualized belt progression. Children will learn self defense techniques while responding to an ever increasing set of physical and emotional expectations. Progression rate is based on an individual’s goals, pace and achievements. Our aim is to teach the skills of knowledge, focus, respect, honor, self discipline and self confidence.



The Benefits Of Karate 

The children’s program is the beginning of true martial arts self defense training at Lion’s Den.  Additionally, students will work to improve their social skills particularly in the areas of conflict resolution, peer relations, and bully avoidance.  The focus is physical and emotional wellness and increased confidence through goal setting and learning to protect oneself.

Improved Focus

Training in Karate takes many people out of their comfort zones. Karate is physically very dynamic with a lot of active movements and poses from other perspectives. Many parents at Lion’s Den Karate enjoy enrolling their child in Karate because it is a total learning activity that involves basic forms, board breaking, kicking, striking, and punching. This helps a child’s coordination, balance, and physical fitness. Karate also helps students at Lion’s Den learn self-discipline, respect, and focus. Many parents at Lion’s Den Karate of St. Augustine see an improvement in their child’s learning and an increased attention span and focus in school.

Boosts Self Confidence
Lion’s Den Karate is dedicated to empowering you or your child with the confidence and self-esteem needed to succeed in everyday life. Karate can bring out the positive qualities that have always been a part of you or your child, whether that is inner calm, positive mental attitude, patience, or self-discipline. Karate will help you overcome fear, anger and self-doubt, and leave you feeling confident in any situation.
Weight Loss 
Karate is a total body workout because it involves a lot of explosive punches, kicks, strength, agility. At Lion’s Den Karate, we know the importance of a healthy mind and body. Child-obesity is a serious problem in the United States, so introducing your child to martial arts is a great way to combat that. In Karate, you’ll burn hundreds of calories in each class, develop lean muscles, and boost flexibility. Karate is a high-energy training class that is great for overall health and weight loss.


Positive Social Interaction
Many parents also choose to enroll their children in Karate because it is a great opportunity to make friends. During class, there will be many children kicking and punching together. We create a friendly atmosphere where the children are motivated to help each other achieve their individual goals. Members at Lion’s Den Karate have become close friends and help each other kick harder, faster, and higher.
Engaging and Fun

Learning Karate at Lion’s Den will benefit you and your child immensely. Karate helps build mental toughness, teaches the value of hard work, and gives you the persistence you need in everyday life. Many members at Lion’s Den Karate have said that Karate is also a great stress-relief from school or work because it helps take their mind off problems they are facing so they can focus all their strength and thoughts into punching and kicking targets.


Anti-Bullying Education

Karate at Lion’s Den in St Agustine is also a great way to help your child with developmental life-skills. It puts them in an atmosphere where they can succeed, gain self-esteem, and learn to never give up. Bullying in schools has become an ever-increasing problem, so giving your child the skills they need to feel confident in redirection and assertiveness. Our students at Lion’s Den are taught how to redirect verbal assaults and assess situations without needing to physically use their skills.




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The Lion’s Den Karate of St. Augustine will positively change you and your child. Are you ready to take the next step towards a healthier, confident, dedicated life?

Lion’s Den Karate of St. Augustine will positively change you and your child.

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